Module: Exploring Stillness

Thu 05 Oct 2023

Module: Exploring Stillness

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Module: Exploring Stillness with Alan and Melanie

PRE-REQUISITES: You must have completed our FUNDAMENTALS course AND our two Basic Modules (Swing Out and Charleston) AND should be dancing regularly for at least 6 months. Contact us if in doubt.

When dancing together, a lot of information is shared between two dancers such as their energy, connection preferences, and interpretation of the music. All of these are tools we can play with… or choose to step away from, just for a moment. Often, it feels as though the way to improve something is to “add” to it - we will explore what it means to “remove” instead.

This course revolves around hearing, seeing and feeling decisions from the music and your partner, and making them in return. It will help you find ways to dance more smoothly, and to examine what it means to dance to or through a break. Throughout the course you will learn to identify noise in your movement, and how contrast can be used to suggest changes with or against music.

This module is tailored towards more experienced dancers who feel comfortable in their 6 and 8 count movements as well as in social dancing.